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HEEC is inviting you to the Queen Nanny virtual Music Festival Celebration, on October 17th & 18th, 2021. 

Founder & Visionary of the Queen Nanny Festival Project

Dave "Mackaruffin" Mcanuff


Specialize in Event Planning, Project Management and a known philanthropist in Jamaica

Stephen Josephs

The Queen Nanny Festival is aiming to raise funds to build schools and community centers. There are four main goals that we envision are Health, Environment, Education, and Culture. (HEEC).


HEEC are the four basic concepts that we think are essential for especially women and children and help empower our women and children. Women play a huge part in nation-building and our aim to uplift women and inspire them to unleash their virtues and superpowers, to make this world a better place.


The Queen Nanny Festival is working in collaboration with the Sanmerna Foundation Ltd. The Sanmerna Foundation Ltd. was started in 2016 and is located in Jamaica. The chairman is Viris Clarke Ellis. Its primary focus is to support grassroots initiatives to uplift disadvantaged citizens by identifying projects that will encourage the well-being among its beneficiaries and as such aims to provide not only hope but well-needed resources such as education grants, sports integration, social initiatives, and health care.


The partnership with the Queen Nanny Festival will bring well-needed resources to Moore Town Primary school located in rural Jamaica, in the parish of Portland. We aim to rebuild, rewire and reconstruct the school, which will be the focus of the Queen Nanny Festival.

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